Sense and Sensibility

Corrected entry: When Emma T is writing at the table she is writing with her left hand. However this is a historical error. At the time of this films setting writing with your left had would be a sign of the devil and beaten out of you.

Correction: While the popular belief is that left-handers were possessed by the Devil, there's no indication that EVERYBODY thought this. It's entirely possible, and quite likely, that the Dashwoods felt that Elinor should learn to write with her "smart" hand. The girls are obviously educated, and really no one except family and close servants would ever see her write anything anyway.

Correction: This is a device to show the passage of time - the two shots are not intended to follow on directly.

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Corrected entry: Near the end, when Eleanor and Marianne are standing on a hill. The sea is clearly visible behind them. When Marianne has her back to the sea, a small boat with a white wake (obviously a speedboat) is heading towards some islands near the beach.

Correction: There is no speed boat in this scene. The wake is being caused by a wave breaking.

Corrected entry: Some mention is made of Belgium, a country created in 1830. Sense and Sensibility was published in 1811 - one wonders why this anachronism was introduced in the screenplay.

Correction: The mistake is wrong because it is based on the assumption that the use of the word Belgium refers to the independent country. Oxford Universal Dictionary says the first use of the word Belgium was in 1602, which makes the usage in Sense & Sensibility quite reasonable

Corrected entry: When Elinor and Marianne are returning from London, they stop at a country estate of friends. Elinor is handed a cup of tea by the wife. Cut to next scene where she is handed the same cup of tea by the husband.

Correction: In that scene, the husband picks up a cup of tea and walks over and hands it to Elinor. Then when they cut to the next scene, the wife pours another cup and hands it to Elinor, not vice versa.

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Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the film, Elinor is gardening and has dirt and mud all over her hands. Upon realising Edward is riding toward the house, she hurriedly wipes her hands on her apron, smearing a good amount of dirt on it. When she then removes the apron while standing inside the house, both the apron and her hands are barely dirty.

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Margaret: Oh, please don't say anything important.

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Trivia: In the scene where Marianne, Eleanor, Lucy, and Mrs. Jennings enter Mrs. Jennings house in London for the second time, Marianne asks Pigeon if any letters had arrived, watch Lucy in the background, she is playing with the parrot on its perch and it tries to bite her.

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Question: Very near the beginning, Marianne is playing this tune that she says was her father's favourite and Elanor tells her to stop. What is the tune and is it possible to find music for it? It's not the 'Weep You No More Sad Fountains' one.

Answer: This song is titled "Father's Favourite" on the movie soundtrack and you can listen to a sample here: You can also purchase sheet music for the song here: music&type=rec.


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