The Revenant

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Hugh Glass is found in the forest by Ashley and his men, proving that Fitzgerald and Bridger left Glass to die. When they return to camp, Fitzgerald is gone with the money from Ashley's safe. Ashley attacks Bridger and threatens to hang him, but Glass tells Ashley that the whole thing was Fitzgerald's fault and Bridger had nothing to do with it. Ashley and Glass go out into the woods to find and arrest Fitzgerald, but Fitzgerald catches up to them and kills Ashley. Glass fights Fitzgerald and knocks him out, letting his body float downstream, where a tribe of Native Americans finish him off.


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Boone: I'm actually starting to miss my wife's cooking.
Stubby Bill: Shit, I'm actually startin' to miss your wife.



The firearms of that era did not use smokeless propellant (i.e. gunpowder). None of the shots fired in this film produced anywhere near the black smoke that would have been realistic.



Regarding the pursuit of Fitzgerald, the history says that Glass learned that Fitzgerald had joined the army and was stationed at Fort Atkinson, in present-day Nebraska. He traveled there as well, where Fitzgerald returned his stolen rifle. Glass reportedly spared Fitzgerald's life because of the heavy penalty for killing a soldier of the United States Army. So, there was no bloody fight as depicted in the film. No "revenge."