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Bad Boys (1983)

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Factual error: During the police chase, Mick hits Paco's little brother and then slams into the white van, and it instantly bursts into flames creating an inferno. Which would not occur under normal circumstances. But merely dramatized for movie effect.


Revealing mistake: After Mick and Paco fight near the end, there is no blood on either dude just before Mick pins him. And then suddenly both their faces are covered in blood just before Mick stabs him with the knife.


Viking Lofgren: Hey, lipshitz.
Horowitz: The name is Horowitz, asshole.
Viking Lofgren: Horowitz asshole?
Paco Moreno: I heard it was lipshitz.
Viking Lofgren: Yeah, and if your lip shits, what's your asshole doin'?

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Trivia: According to the audio commentary on the DVD, actress Jamie Lee Curtis makes a very quick cameo at the beginning of the film. However, her name is not listed in the credits.

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