Visible crew/equipment: Emily is at the rest stop, and wakes up from her dream where the truck has returned, and she's still desperately in need of help and in a desolate area with no working phone. She's about to drive off and looks in the mirror and you can see two guys standing there. (01:06:00)


Continuity mistake: Emily's bra disappears at the gas station and her sunglasses come and go.

Continuity mistake: When the big truck chases the red car and repeatedly rams into it you can hear broken glass, etc. but in the next shots the back of the car is intact, red and shiny, without a scratch on it. (01:05:00 - 01:06:00)


Revealing mistake: The idea is that the characters are in some super remote area where there are no working phones and nowhere to get help, but throughout the movie you can see a town in the background with buildings.


Deliberate mistake: The wrecker used in this film is a Western Star Model 4964. The manufacturer emblem (a chrome 5-point star superimposed on a large "W") is normally displayed at the top-center of the truck's radiator. Apparently, the film makers could not bring Western Star on board for an advertising agreement, or Western Star specifically objected to their logo appearing in the movie, because the Western Star emblem on the wrecker's radiator is carefully kept out of frame or otherwise obstructed from view throughout the film. For scenes in which a full frontal shot of the wrecker is unavoidable, the Western Star emblem is very deliberately covered up with dark green tape.

Charles Austin Miller

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