Pay the Ghost

Stupidity: The movie has a line of dialogue aimed at making the police look nice ("Not lazy", at least), but still they overlooked something incredibly obvious such as multiple kidnappings on Halloween with the same MO, unsolved, and that have been going on for...over 300 years.

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Stupidity: Nicholas Cage saves the kids coming out of the dark dimension exactly at midnight but gets back home at dawn. It should be noted that he has two other kids to bring back home and if we assume he did that already, it would explain part of the time discrepancy. In that case he kept his wife up all night when she was fearing for the safety of both without a word, but she's not upset or anything.

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Deliberate mistake: In the opening, the kids are looking up at the floor boards. Uniform light seeps through, but as it turns out, the house was small and swarming with an angry mob carrying torch. The light is not really compatible with that scenario, and in fact when the scene is shown later again, the lights are warmer and you can see the torches flickering. It's most likely a trick not to give away exactly what was hunting the kids in the basement. (00:01:00 - 01:11:20)

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Charlie: Daddy, can we pay the ghost?
Mike Lawford: Pay the what?

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