Pay the Ghost

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when the kid says "Dad promised me..." the mom suddenly has her hand on his face mid-sentence at the cut. (01:28:00)

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Deliberate mistake: In the opening, the kids are looking up at the floor boards. Uniform light seeps through, but as it turns out, the house was small and swarming with an angry mob carrying torch. The light is not really compatible with that scenario, and in fact when the scene is shown later again, the lights are warmer and you can see the torches flickering. It's most likely a trick not to give away exactly what was hunting the kids in the basement. (00:01:00 - 01:11:20)

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Continuity mistake: Mike Lawford is at the college library. His phone buzzes. He has both hands on a book, then in close-up just one hand and the phone itself, the other not in sight, and then both hands again. (00:04:25)

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More mistakes in Pay the Ghost

Kristen: Why didn't you protect him?

Charlie: Daddy, can we pay the ghost?
Mike Lawford: Pay the what?

Trailer not working?

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