The Peanuts Movie

Continuity mistake: When Snoopy is on top of his doghouse finishing the last page of his story on the typewriter, the page is already high out of the platen with the last of the words much nearer to the top of the sheet than they should be.


Continuity mistake: Charlie Brown is using a pen to write a book report. The black ink leaks and gets all over his hands. When he walks to his dresser to get a pencil, all the ink stains are gone.

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Suggested correction: He wipes the ink on his shirt.

Deliberate mistake: The little red-haired girl boards a bus with other children who are headed to summer camp. As the bus drives away, there is nobody in the driver's seat. This movie maintains Charles Schulz's policy of never showing adults in his comic strips or animated television specials, but a bus driver could at least have been depicted in silhouette.

Continuity mistake: Charlie Brown straightens a pencil, piece of paper, and the book "War and Peace" on a round wooden table, but when the shot angle changes, a blue cup with a straw suddenly appears next to the paper.


Continuity mistake: After Sally's cow lassoing act, the quantity and positions of the red solo cups on stage change, as well as the number of roses thrown on to the stage.


Continuity mistake: When Charlie Brown flips up his desk top to hide from the Little Red Haired Girl, his fingers are gripping the top of the desk, but the next quick cut shows his fingers in a lower position.


Continuity mistake: Sally drops her broom horse on the stage, parallel to the stage's edge, but the view from the wings where Charlie Brown and Franklin are watching shows the broom perpendicular to the edge of the stage.


Continuity mistake: The magician's prop table Charlie Brown uses for his act suddenly appears behind him before he rescues Sally as he and Franklin watch Sally's act from the wings.


Continuity mistake: Lucy gets splattered with paint on her face, hair, and dress, but it all disappears a few shots later when the the teacher enters the classroom. There was no time, sink, or wash cloths in the classroom for Lucy to clean the mess off herself.

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Continuity mistake: This is near the end of the movie when Charlie Brown is running to catch the Little Red Haired Girl before she boards the summer camp bus. As Charlie encounters obstacle after obstacle he runs into the "Kite Eating Tree" and asks for help. A kite falls down and he gets tangled up in the string and he is pulled away. There is no ball of string at the end. Several cuts later when everyone is amazed that Charlie Brown is actually flying a kite and following him, a ball of string magically appears and Charlie Brown is holding it while running and flying the kite.

Continuity mistake: When Snoopy puts a piece of paper into his typewriter he accidentally jams Woodstock head first into it. However when Snoopy starts typing random letters Woodstock is now feet first in the typewriter.

Jacy Sorkenn

Lucy van Pelt: No dogs.

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Trivia: When the removal truck reverses into the driveway of the little red-head girl, the name on the rear doors is Mendelson and Meledez. It was named after Lee Mendelson who was an executive producer of the peanuts TV specials and Bill Melendez who did the voices of Snoopy and Woodstock.

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