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Ronald Kray: Blood is thicker than water.

Ronald Kray: Me and my brother, we're gonna rule London.

Ronald Kray: You're not afraid of anything?
Reggie Kray: Oh, only myself you know... And *you*
Ronald Kray: Um. Yeah.

Angelo Bruno: Come to Philadelphia! You see a nice girl, we'll get her for you!
Ronald Kray: I prefer boys. Italians, sometimes Greek, but I am not prejudiced.

Reggie Kray: A paranoid schizophrenic walks into a bar.

Ronald Kray: What is that? I come here for a PROPER shootout! What you gonna do with that rollin pin? You gonna bake me a cake? What I want is a shootout, a SHOOTOUT IS A SHOOTOUT... Like a Western.

Factual error: During the trial the judge uses a gavel. English judges have never used gavels.

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