Back Alley Oproar

Back Alley Oproar (1948)

10 mistakes

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Directed by: Friz Freleng

Starring: Mel Blanc

Genres: Animated, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: When Elmer attempts to blow up Sylvester with dynamite, the box he is carrying does not have anything written on the side, but when he puts it down in the next shot, "TNT" has appeared.

Continuity mistake: When Elmer picks up the tin of Alum from the cupboard, the items between the tin change between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester is rowing along in his boat singing ‘Moonlight Bay', you can see that the boat has oar holders, but when Elmer calls him to have some milk, there are no oar holders.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester runs away from Elmer in his bedroom, he opens a door and the handle is on the right hand side. But when Elmer opens the door, the handle is now on the left.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester sends Elmer to sleep, there is a table with a lamp on it next to his bed. But when Sylvester wakes up Elmer with his one-man band, the table has gone.

Continuity mistake: When the ginger cat falls off the roof after being hit on the head by Elmer, there is a grate in the wall. But when we see Elmer and Sylvester in the next shot, the grate has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester smothers grease on the stairs, he leaves the tin at the bottom. But when Elmer comes down the stairs, the tin has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester throws the "Return of the Thin Man" book back to Elmer, the wording on the cover is red, but when the book lands on the floor, the wording is black.

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester is performing ‘Figaro' at the start of the cartoon, the harmonica he is holding in his hand disappears.

Continuity mistake: When we see Elmer getting himself ready to go to bed at the start of the cartoon, the window he is dressing in front of does not have a frame, yet it does have one when see Elmer winding up the alarm clock in the next shot.

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