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Saving Silverman (2001)

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Other mistake: When Judith is locked in J.D. and Wayne's basement, she is first wearing a long night gown and she is chained at the ankle to an engine. Then she is given a box of clothes to use and she is next seen wearing shorts - how did she put them on if she was chained at the ankle?


Continuity mistake: When Silverman and the nun are on the beach after she throws him over, her legs are covered in sand but when they get up she is completely clean.


Continuity mistake: During Darren's date with Sandy, he had electrodes attached to his nipples to help him forget about Judith. But they soon catch fire and burn holes in his shirt. Later, when you look at his pockets, you can see that his pockets are burned, but the shirt actually touching him is still intact.


Continuity mistake: In the scene of the wedding, all the seats are taken, and then Judith picks up an empty chair and smashes it over Wayne's head.


Revealing mistake: After they kidnap Neil, they are driving to stop the wedding, as they are driving down the road, you can see out the front window that the truck pulls up to a stop light. They cut to Neil and the truck is still moving, then they cut back to the group and they road is clear. Traffic lights don't cycle that fast.


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Continuity mistake: After J.D. and Wayne tranquilise and kidnap Judith, as they load her into the back of their car notice as she pulls her arms up to cover her chest (presumably to keep her breasts from falling out of her nightgown) even though she is supposed to be unconscious.


Continuity mistake: When Silverman is making out with Sandy on the couch, her shirt is on the pillow on the couch. From a different angle it is behind the pillow, and the next shot, it is back on top of the pillow.


Revealing mistake: In the bar scene on his date with Sandy, after Silverman's shirt burns from the electrodes he spills a drink on it to douse the flames. As the bar catches fire watch as the flames form a perfectly straight line along the entire bar. If a fire is started from spilled drinks wouldn't it only be contained to the area of the spill?


Revealing mistake: In the jailbreak scene when the coach backs into the Wayne and J.D.'s cell, cinder blocks fall everywhere. As Wayne and J.D. climb into the truck, you can actually see J.D. step on one of the blocks and break it in half. That proves that they were only made out of simple cardboard.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Judith flips over in J.D.'s chair, her hair clip falls out when she flips. Then, when she is talking to Wayne about their "similar careers" she pulls the same clip out of her hair.


Continuity mistake: When Sandy throws Silverman over the board walk and she jumps in, her wimple is floating next to her when her head pops up, but when they show a close up of Sandy and Silverman in the water her hat is gone.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where J.D and Wayne are in Judith's office offering her their house if she leaves Silverman has a close look at the writing pad in front of Judith on her desk. In one shot there is a pen between the pages. In the next shot the pen is lying on top of the writing pad and then in the next shot it's back between the pages again.


Revealing mistake: When Judith dunks J.D.'s head in the toilet we can see the plexiglass between the camera and the water. There are visible scratches on the plexiglass.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Silverman's friend is trying to convince the nun-to-be chick to meet up with Darren and they're standing outside the XXX Porn / Striptease place, the signs behind the nun-to-be chick change after she has the flash-back to when her acrobatic lover died.


Factual error: When Judith wakes up chained to the engine block she notices the Sony camera on a pole. The guys are presumably watching her through that camera. The problem is that there are no cables running from that camera to provide the video feed to the TV. Sony cameras always have the video output connections on the front right hand side. There are no cables attached to this camera.



Continuity mistake: After Luigi slips from Sandy's grip there is a shot looking up at her with outstretched arms. While Luigi was sliding off there was hair gel residue on her arms, but there is no gel on her arms in this shot from below.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Wayne is feeding the Arby's sandwich to Judith and he gets sauce on her chest, look at Judith's shirt. In the close up shots it's a solid bluish color, but in interior shots it's a blue color with little diamond shapes on it.


Audio problem: When Diamonds in the Rough are playing there is a point in the song where the guitars a strummed quickly and then abruptly stopped. The sound of the strumming stops and Wayne stops strumming, but J.D. is still strumming. We should hear his continued strumming but do not.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where the coach throws the down marker, the fans cringe at what he did. In that shot all the fans are sitting together. When they show the coach, all of the fans are spread out.



Factual error: When Wayne and J.D. mail off the pictures to Judith they have it addressed to Seattle, WA 21709. In actuality zip code 21709 is for State Farm Insurance Company in Frederick, MD.



Continuity mistake: When Darren meets Judith he sets his beer down on the table. The label is facing to the far side of the table from Judith. When the camera goes back to a long shot the bottle has spun 90 degrees and the label is now facing the side of the table to Judith's right.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jack Black dusts the chips off the chair for Amanda Peet. When she sits down she has a glass in her hand and then she sets it down, but in the next shot the glass is back in her hand.


Factual error: At the beginning of the film when Wayne's mother has her water break at the 1972 Hot August Night concert, you see Neil singing in a silver spangly 90's shirt. As all true fans know (and the album cover shows during one of the house scenes), Neil was in a denim jacket and jeans with a lot more wild hair.

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Revealing mistake: When Wayne has the mother raccoon on his head it is obviously a stuffed raccoon and not a live one.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are about to kidnap Neil Diamond you see them backing up the truck to the backstage entrance. As they are backing up the truck you can clearly see that the door is open, but in the next shot when they are running in, the door is closed.


Continuity mistake: When Darren is at the engagement party, he is standing between two guys. They cut to Wayne and JD, and the two guys are almost standing shoulder to shoulder and Darren has disappeared.


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Revealing mistake: Judith put 2 minutes and 30 second on the timer. The conversation between her and J.D. and Wayne was continuous. Their conversation until she beats Wayne in arm wrestling took 1 minute and 22 seconds. At this time we hear the timer go off and she says that time is up. There should still be 1 minute and 8 seconds before the timer goes off.



Continuity mistake: Sandy throws Darren over the dock and you can see a bridge in the background but when they are on the shore the landscape is completely changed and there is no bridge.


Continuity mistake: When Wayne shoots the mother racoon that attacks him the dart hits the left thigh and the animal is down. Later in the scene it's flipped over and it's shot in the right thigh.


Continuity mistake: When Judith flips over in J.D.'s chair she landed on her back. The nachos and salsa on the tray had already landed on the ground prior to her rolling off of the cushion. She rolled off the cushion onto her back. There should not have been any salsa on the front of her shirt.



Continuity mistake: When Judith is telling Darren that he is to no longer see J.D. and Wayne her hair changes from shot to shot. From the camera angle of the driver's side she has some hair hanging in front of her left ear. From the camera angle of the passenger's side the hair is tucked behind her ear.



Continuity mistake: When Darren tells the guys that he is getting married, the beer in front of him has no foam at the top of the bottle. When the camera angle changes to where it is facing Darren, he moves the beer a little. It now has a lot of foam at the top of the bottle.



Continuity mistake: In the jailbreak scene when the coach backs into Wayne and J.D's cell, you hear the back up alarm on Wayne's truck (J.D. & Wayne even mention it). Every other time the truck backs up there is no back up alarm, it is silent.


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