Cop Car

Factual error: At multiple points in the film, the Sheriff misleads the police dispatcher regarding his location. The Sheriff also laughingly dismisses any question of a stolen police cruiser, and the dispatcher just accepts it. However, police cars were universally outfitted with GPS tracking devices over 20 years ago, so the dispatcher should have been able to locate the Sheriff's cruiser and any other police cruiser in a matter of seconds without any radio verification whatsoever.

Factual error: The Sheriff clears all other police traffic on a specific radio frequency so that he can "secretly" chat with the two young boys. Of course, secrecy is crucial to the Sheriff's motivation all throughout the movie. However, police radios have extraordinary range, and police radio channels are constantly monitored by neighboring police forces, by other first-responder agencies, by civilian police scanners, and even by the news media. The Sheriff should surely know that it is impossible to conduct a "secret" or even "private" conversation over police radio.

Charles Austin Miller

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