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Corrected entry: When Reed repairs the cash machine in the foreign country, he has nearly a week of stubble, or close to that. When he gets back home, he's clean shaven.

Correction: After watching this scene, Reed (who has contorted his face to disguise himself at the register) does not have stubble, and certainly not a week's worth. There are shadows that may look like stubble, but then we watch him change back to his regular face in the car, and any growth remains the same.


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Sue's hairstyle, as well as the texture and length of her hair, and the color, changes from scene to scene, and even at times from shot to shot. This was due to movie re-shoots.



This reboot was given the green light due to the somewhat disappointing box-office numbers of the previous two "Fantastic Four" films. A reboot was considered "less risky" financially. Sadly and quite ironically, this film earned even less than those two films, bringing in roughly $100 million less worldwide than the prior film and nearly $200 million less than the first.