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Corrected entry: During the five-minute scene that takes place inside the Blast From The Past movie collectibles shop, the clock on the back wall shows 10:30 and the time never changes.

Correction: If it never changes, then it's possible it's broken and only meant as decor because of the style (or simply ran out of batteries that the two robots didn't care to replace them). Since the clock doesn't change time in an incorrect manner, there is no mistake.


Corrected entry: In one scene Athena is seen driving an older model Chevy Pickup with a bench seat. Although Athena is far shorter than the other 2 characters the seat is all the way back. She shouldn't be able to work the gas or brake from that placement. (01:12:00)

Cliff Corson 0595

Correction: Casey asks specifically how she's driving the truck, meaning as a robot she doesn't need to use the gas and brake to drive.


Corrected entry: Earlier in the movie Athena and Casey steal a truck and the back window gets smashed out in the process. Later, Athena returns in the truck and the back window is pristine.


Correction: The truck Athena returns in is a completely different truck.

Audio problem: After Casey and Frank have landed in the lake, via the bathtub rocket, Casey starts talking to Frank about having already prepared the escape. Her lips are never shown moving along with the speech.

Casual Person

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Nix: Oh, bollocks.

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Trivia: Michael Giacchino, the film's music composer, has a cameo as the operator of the It's A Small World ride.

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Question: David Nix is talking about how they saw the iceberg and warned the Titanic, but the monitor was built after the world fair in 1963, and the Titanic sank in 1912 - how is it possible for that to happen?

Answer: He was using it as a metaphor. The Titanic being mankind heading towards its own destruction. Man was warned of the dangers (wars, global warming, etc) and we didn't do anything to change our ways, "went full stem ahead".


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