Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Corrected entry: In the scene where the elves introduce the 'We are Santa's Elves' song to Santa Claus, the head elf's voice doesn't match his voice from previous and subsequent scenes.

Rick Johnstone

Correction: The Head Elf was putting on a fake "nice voice" so that Santa and Mrs. Claus would think he was a nice guy most of the time. As soon as Santa and Mrs. Claus leave the room, he reverts back to his usual mean and shouting persona.


Corrected entry: In several shots throughout the show, there are trees visible. The North Pole is not on any land mass: therefore, there can be no trees.


Correction: There are no flying reindeer in the North Pole either. Nor is there an abominable snowman or an Island of Misfit Toys. This is a fictionalised version of the North Pole which has trees.


Corrected entry: Donner's hat disappears and reappears again in several different shots.


Correction: Comet is actually wearing the hat, not Donner. Each character is consistent.


Corrected entry: There is no land mass at the North Pole for Yukon Cornelius to mine his silver and gold. The North Pole is a floating ice shelf.


Correction: Yukon is clearly not the smartest man on earth. It's a joke, not a mistake, that he's looking for gold in a place where he'll never find it. At most it's just a character mistake.


Corrected entry: What is wrong with the doll on the Island of Misfit Toys? She looks fine to me.

Correction: When the 'charlie in the box' is explaining what the island of misfit toys is, he mentions that toys that are no longer wanted go there as well, which is probably the case for the doll.


Corrected entry: Even though the song lists eight reindeer, when Santa takes off on Christmas Eve there are only seven hitched to his sled: six plus Rudolph.


Correction: Santa has a harness that holds eight reindeer. Rudolph is needed in the front to lead the way. Since he has never pulled with the team before, it would be easier for him to be solo in the front, hence 7 deer total.

Corrected entry: When Rudolph and his friends are on the Island of Misfit Toys, the toys are singing a song about being misfits. Then some of the toys start explaining why they are misfits. The bird says that he cannot fly...only swim. Then at the very end after Santa has picked up the toys from the Island and is delivering them, there is an elf giving each misfit toy an umbrella and letting them drop to the ground. When he pulls the bird out he doesn't give him an umbrella...just lets him drop out. Now if he doesn't fly, just swim...what becomes of this poor bird?

Correction: During the scene at the end, we see that the owl does fly away. He lacked confidence to fly earlier in the show, per the show's producers.

Revealing mistake: Whenever Rudolph is walking you can see the tracks he makes before he even puts his feet down.

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Yukon Cornelius: Whoa. Whoaaaaaaaaaaa! Unmush, will ya?

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