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Corrected entry: When Charlie and the new guy first meet at the firehouse one of the other guys puts down the triangle on the pool table and the new guy lays his pool stick on top of it. When Charlie grabs the taxidermist the triangle and pool stick are now far away from each other.


Correction: There are two pool cues. One on the triangle and one across the table.


Corrected entry: When the guys are walking the cow down the street, cars appear and disappear in the background throughout the scene.


Correction: Two cars are parked on the curb - all the rest are being driven.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Charlie has to come up with 20 put-downs about having a big nose (in the bar), he rattles off 19 insults and asks "How many is that?" A gentleman in the bar yells, "Fourteen, Chief!" Then Charlie proceeds to give six more insults for a total of 25.

Correction: This isn't really an error. Perhaps the man wanted to get Charlie to say a few more.

Joshua Skains

Corrected entry: When Roxanne asks Chris to say something romantic, he says, "Why do birds suddenly appear every time you're near?" She says "Isn't that from a song?" It is indeed from "Close to You" by the Carpenters.

Correction: Far too obvious to be trivia - it's the whole point of the joke.

Corrected entry: In order to answer the obvious question - why doesn't he have rhinoplasty? - there is a scene in which we learn that C.D. is allergic to all known anaesthetics, local and general. No fire service in the world would allow anyone with an allergy like that anywhere near an active fire-fighting role, especially that of fire chief. He'd be lucky to get a desk job. What would happen if he was injured on the job - as firefighters very frequently are?

Correction: First, firefighters are not very frequently injured on the job. While the job has its' dangers, it is less dangerous than a logger, miner, or even truck driver. All jobs I've done, with only a sprained ankle, once, on the job. A fire chief is more like a manager or desk job than active firefighting as it is, so in fact he does have a desk job. He's allergic to anesthetics, but that doesn't mean he can't have work performed on him without it. Like dental work without freezing. It may be painful, but it can be done.

Factual error: It is not possible to be "allergic to all known anaesthetics". Amongst the amide local anesthetics lidocaine, prilocaine, bupivicaine, mepivacaine and dibucaine are naturally occurring substances and if administered without a preservative they cannot trigger an allergic reaction. If Bales is allergic to them, he'd be allergic to the metabolic processes of his own body. They are all powerful local anaesthetics and could easily be used for a radical rhinoplasty such as that required by Bales.

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Charlie: Ten more seconds and I'm leaving! Ten-
Roxanne: What did you say?
Charlie: I said ten more seconds and I'm leaving.
Roxanne: Oh.
Charlie: What did you think I said?
Roxanne: I thought you said earn more sessions by sleeving.
Charlie: What does that mean?
Roxanne: I don't know. That's why I came out.

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Trivia: The surgeon's nameplate on his desk reads "Dr. Schepisi." This is a nod to the film's director. Fred Schepisi.


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