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Corrected entry: Christian Grey gives a speech during a Anastasia's university graduation ceremony. During the speech the podium he speaks at reads "Vancouver" on it, rather than Seattle, which is where the movie is based. This reflects the fact that the ceremony hall used in this shot is located at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver BC. Despite this the filmmakers try to hide the real location of the scene elsewhere by placing a Washington State flagpole on the stage.

Kelsey H.

Correction: The school that Ana goes to is in Vancouver, WA (not Canada). Ana and Kate move to Seattle, WA after the graduation.

No they move before the graduation. I've seen this movie multiple times and I know this is true.

They do so in the movie. In the book, they move after graduation. Doesn't change the fact that they went to Washington State University in Vancouver, Wa.

Pay attention to the interior and the events occurring. During the montage of Ana going over the contract, her and Kate are in the process of moving. After the "was this nice?" scene, Ana and Kate are in their new place before they graduated, and before Ana's first experience in the Red Room.

Corrected entry: When Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are gliding in the DG 1001 sailplane, Grey as pilot is sitting in the rear seat and Anastasia in the front. The pilot in a sailplane sits in the front and the passenger behind.

Christian Heyder

Correction: The pilot does not need to be in the front of a sailplane. The sailplane's website (DG) says as long as the pilot is qualified they can sit in the rear seat, as long as the sailplane is set up for the rear seat pilot.

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Christian Grey: What about you? I'd like to know more about you.
Anastasia Steele: There's really not much to know about me. Look at me.
Christian Grey: I am.



When Anastasia returns home with the contract in her hand, she enters her flat and the computer guy is just finishing fixing her laptop. During this scene her brown leather jacket disappears, but she is still holding the contract in her hand - this is a continuous scene with no time for her to remove the jacket.