American Heist

Factual error: After fixing Emily's car, James explains to her that someone must have poured sugar in her gas tank, and besides cleaning the gas tank, he will also have to replace the fuel filter and the carburetor. That would simply not happen: As several tests show, 'sugar in the tank' is a complete myth that will not cause any engine problems. If anything at all would happen, it would clog the fuel filter, but never destroy a carburetor. And even if it would, it could not on a Emily's car - since it's a Fiat 500 and (like all modern cars) it has fuel injection, and does not even have a carburetor. (00:14:00)

Factual error: The police cruisers decals are not correct for a city of NOLA PD. They are missing the star and crescent.

Continuity mistake: During the sniper shooting of Adrien Brody, you have both brothers standing outside of the bank door in the pouring rain. The rain is visible during this scene, but after the sniper shoots the suspect in the head and the Brody falls to the ground, during the closeup when the police move in, there's no rain drops on Brody. Hayden Christensen is still standing up with rain falling around him.

Revealing mistake: When James is getting on the St. Charles street car at Carondelet it's raining, but on the north side of Canal St, people are walking in shorts and with no umbrellas.

Ray: The banking institutions are more dangerous than the army.

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