Trivia: Director Kevin Smith originally wanted Quentin Tarantino to portray the character Guy, though Tarantino had to turn it down. Smith then asked famed actor Johnny Depp to take the role, as he had recently become friends with Depp. Depp immediately accepted, finding the role and the entire script intriguing and amusing. Depp's daughter Lily-Rose also appears in the film (alongside Smith's own daughter) as one of the two clerks at the "Eh-to-Zed" convenience store.

Trivia: During the flashbacks of Howe stranded on the island, in one brief shot we see the carcass of the dead "Mr. Tusk" after he has killed it - the deceased walrus's body wasn't originally planned to be on-camera, and was constructed by the prop and makeup crew in less than an hour using bits of fabric, pieces of filming equipment and any other odds and ends they could find lying about on or near set.

Trivia: The profuse drooling that Wallace suffers once he has been "transformed" into the walrus could not be helped - actor Justin Long was constantly drooling due to the heavy prosthetic makeup, and the fact he had to hold his tongue back to simulate the fact that his character's tongue had been cut out.

Trivia: This entire film was inspired by a podcast given by director Kevin Smith. Smith was emailed a copy of an ad placed on a Canadian website which he read during the cast, in which a man was searching for a lodger at his large home, and offered to allow one to stay for free on the condition that they dress in a "realistic walrus suit" for 1-2 hours a day. (As the man allegedly missed a walrus that he had befriended some years earlier.) While the ad ended up being a prank, Smith was so amused by the idea, that he immediately spit-balled a rough outline of a horror film that would eventually become "Tusk."

Factual error: At the diner scene at the Gimli Slider, there's an ashtray with a lit cigarette on the table. Manitoba has had a smoking ban in all enclosed public spaces for over a decade.

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Howard Howe: I'm so very tired Mr. Tusk, battered by a life of cruel fate and poor decisions and the terrible consequences of both.

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