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Father Mould: You... you killed that innocent girl, Merrin. There's nothing I can do.

Merrin Williams: Are you horny?
Ig Perrish: Yeah, I'm getting warmer.

Ig Perrish: I'm gonna love you for the rest of my life.
Merrin Williams: Just love me for the rest of mine.

Father Mould: I could string you up, unless you'd like to do the decent thing and hang yourself. Whadda ya say?

Ig Perrish: She went to church every fucking Sunday, she wore a cross around her neck, and did it make ANY difference? No. God turned a blind eye and let her die out here alone and afraid.

Ig Perrish: Punishing Terry was the hardest thing I've ever done, but forcing him to face his demon was the only way I could help him.

Lee Tourneau: I'll be damed.
Ig Perrish: You and me both.

Ig Perrish: I should ask the devil to punish whoever the fuck killed her.

E.R. Doctor: You fucking patients! All you care about is yourselves.

Ig Perrish: See, vanity doesn't pay, and it's gonna be a long time before you can even try and look pretty again.

Little Girl: I hate Mommy. I want to burn her in her bed with matches. I want to burn her up, all up gone.

Ig Perrish: In the end, I embraced the horns. Like an angel who fell to earth, I became a devil one last time, but revenge is all consuming, and my time has come to return to you so we can be together again. I mean, if this isn't paradise, I don't know what is.

Merrin Williams: You deserve better.
Ig Perrish: Finally, something we agree on.

Ig Perrish: People say you should always do the right thing, but sometimes there is no right thing, and then... well then you just have to pick the sin you can live with.

Deliberate mistake: During the entire movie nothing is mentioned about the rape of Merrin until the very end, even though it is quite obvious for a forensic investigator to determine she was raped, and something like that would be very important to help find a suspect. This is done deliberately to continue the plot as rape would make Iggy less of a suspect (being her boyfriend for years) and someone like Lee more (known by Iggy and others he had feelings for her).

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