Trivia: The last scene of the movie, when the woman is looking for a gift for her daughter, there is a huge Raggedy Ann doll the camera pans past after they show the Annabelle doll. This is an homage to the real Annabelle doll, which was a Raggedy Ann doll. (01:33:35)

Continuity mistake: When she is watching General hospital, the baby in the crib has no shirt on. When the TV goes off and the baby is crying the child has a shirt.


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Father Perez: The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.

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Question: 1. Is the demon attached to the owner of the doll? If so, why didn't it begin to torment the priest and instead went back to haunt Mia? 2. If the demon wants a soul to inhibit, why did it want Mia to kill herself? Wouldn't that have been counter intuitive? 3. Did the bookstore lady killing herself somehow cause the demon to 'move on' to a new owner? I don't see how the logic follows of who it decides to haunt and who's soul it wants. 4. Why did Annabelle Higgins commit suicide?


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