A Kick in Time (1940)

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Directed by: Dave Fleischer, Shamus Culhane

Starring: Jack Mercer

Genres: Animated, Short

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A Kick in Time mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Hunky takes off chasing the truck that took Spunky and tries to save him, but then trips and slides on his face and belly on the ground, coming to a stop. There is a large rock beside him. When the camera changes angles, the rocks design changes significantly.


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A Kick in Time mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The Italian peddler puts some weighted horse shoes on Spunky to inhibit his movement. As the Peddler is leaving and says he will be right back, Spunky is facing him into the building. But then it cuts back from the Peddler to Spunky and suddenly he is facing out the building the opposite direction. It's only after this when he tries to move that he discovers his feet too heavy to lift, yet somehow he got turned around in an instant.


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A Kick in Time mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the opening shot of Spunky and Hunky walking, they are shown grazing on some grass. Spunky sucks up a flower and then turns his attention to a dandelion. When he does, it cuts to a close up, and suddenly the dandelion has gotten much bigger, and the surroundings of Spunky change up quite a bit.


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Once Spunky is kidnapped and Hunky takes off chasing the truck, you see the truck going along the road passing just some grass and one large rock on its left side. Once Hunky catches up to the truck, it cuts to a side view close up of him and Spunky's head sticking out the back, and suddenly the truck is passing a very large rock that was not there in the previous shot. The rock is taller than the truck, so it would have shown. And then it's very obvious the background is then looped as the same huge rock passes the truck every few seconds repeatedly.