Back to the Future Part II

Trivia: When the 2015 Marty Jr. is walking across the street and a car stops, almost hitting him, he bangs both hands on the hood and yells, "Hey! I'm walkin' here!"I'm walkin' here!" This is an exact recreation of Dustin Hoffman's scene in 'Midnight Cowboy'.


Trivia: The guy who asks Marty for a donation in order to save the clock tower is Terry, the mechanic who fixes Biff's car in 1955.


Trivia: After Marty and Doc arrive in 2015, Marty sees a news alert that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series. On the real October 21, 2015 - the date at which Doc and Marty arrive in the film - the Cubs were eliminated from the playoffs after getting swept in the NLCS by the New York Mets, but won the World Series a year later.

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Trivia: In the newspaper, it says the Cubs sweep in 5. This means the World Series in the future now plays best of 9 instead of 7.


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Trivia: When Biff is arrested and holds the newspaper, one of the headlines reads "Queen Diana will visit Washington." Oops.


Trivia: The 2002 DVD release of both this film and of Part III is very misframed, with many elements cropped out of frame or not centered properly. The most obvious example is when Doc demonstrates the adjusting sleeves on Marty's 2015 jacket (the sleeves are cropped out of the frame so that you can't see the effect), but nearly the entire movie is misframed. The disks were later reissued with corrected framing, and all later DVD and Blu-ray editions have correct framing.

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Continuity mistake: Notice Marty's hair in the scene when he's playing "Johnny B. Goode." It's quite larger than when he says, some seconds later, "I guess that you're not ready for it yet." That's because when he says that, it's a recycled shot from the original BTTF, whereas most shots showing he's playing the guitar are newly made for BTTF2. However, Marty's hair is considerably longer in the new shots. (01:27:19)

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Biff: Go ahead, kid. Jump. A suicide will be nice and neat.
Marty: What if I don't?
Biff: [raising gun] Lead poisoning.
Marty: What about the police, Biff? They're gonna match up the bullet with that gun.
Biff: Kid, I own the police. Besides, they couldn't match up the bullet that killed your old man.
Marty: You son of a...
[Biff pulls back on the gun's hammer.]
Biff: Suppose it's poetic justice. Two McFlys with the same gun.

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Answer: Yep, and there is, but they're both elsewhere. Doc's been committed to an asylum somewhere. When Marty first meets the alternate Biff, Biff tells him that he's supposed to be in Switzerland at boarding school - that's where the alternate Marty is.


Wouldn't someone probably see Doc and report that he escaped from the asylum?

Maybe, but no way to be sure, and they're not around long enough for that to be an issue anyway.

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Answer: Doc would most likely not have been seen by anyone, as the time he spent in the alternate 1985 was primarily inside the DeLorean, at a boarded-up library, graveyard, and his lab (and all at night too) so most likely not spotted by the public.

Even if someone had seen Doc, it could've been dismissed as someone who looks like him. Even if they did report his escape, someone would either call or go to the asylum and verify Doc was still there.

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