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Corrected entry: Just before Robert kills the arch villain, he has his friend the security guard turn on all the lights. After killing him, Robert turns around and walks into the dark warehouse.


Correction: The lights go out when the alarm goes off and the explosion disrupts the cables, so then we are back to the emergency lights that are only lit in certain parts of the store.

Corrected entry: When The Equalizer exits the large home in Russia, the two Range Rovers flanking the entrance have European Union tags rather than Russian plates.


Correction: You can't really tell that the plates are from an EU country, they don't look Russian granted, but even so, cars get imported all the time. I saw a really nice Mustang just the other day with its original US plates on here in England.

Corrected entry: Denzel Washington's left hand is injured during the fight scene in the Home Mart, but near the end of the movie when leaving Pushkin's residence, his right hand is bandaged.

Correction: When he's lying on the floor after the fight with the guy with the massive beard, the shard of glass is in his right hand so it's feasible both hands were injured.

Corrected entry: When Robert attacks the first hostage holder in the warehouse, blood comes out of his victim's mouth and nose and touches the floor. In the next shot, when Robert drags him into the security room, there's no blood on the floor.

Correction: If you watch closely you will see blood on the floor and a little drag mark from the blood also.

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Robert McCall: Progress, not perfection.



In the big battle scene at the Home Mart store after Robert turns the power off to the building, you see Robert grabbing welding canisters. When Robert has Ralphie turn the power back on, it cuts to one of the bad guys in the break-room, and a digital microwave starts counting down. A digital microwave could not have any memory of any prior cook settings, let alone any way to set it, since the power was already out.



The original black Jaguar XJ6 Series III car, as used in the TV series of the same name, makes a cameo appearance in the background of the scene where McCall tortures the corrupt cop.