Jersey Boys

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tommy is arguing with Bob Crewe after the song "Trance", Tommy puts his arm up on the music stand while he argues. In the next shot Tommy's arms are now at his side. When the camera comes back to Tommy, his arm is on the music stand again. (00:49:50)

Matthew Berrios

Factual error: "Can't take my eyes off you" was released in May 1967. The recording scene of this song shows an Ampeg SVT amplifier in the background. Ampeg SVT was not available before 1969 and the specific model shown on the scene (with white rocker toggle) is a later 1976-1979 model. (01:54:10)

Gil Disatnik
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Bob Gaudio: Tommy, no stolen goods, okay?
Tommy DeVito: Stolen goods? No! These fell off a truck.

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