Barefoot in the Park

Continuity mistake: In the park scene where Paul's drunk and barefoot, Corie carries his shoes as she follows him back to their apartment. When they're in the apartment Paul has his shoes on, and Corie helps him take his wet shoes off.


Continuity mistake: At the end, when Paul and Corie are out on the ledge of their apartment block, Ethel and Victor join the crowd on the opposite side of the street, who are all looking up, to see the couple kissing and heading back in. But when there's a crowd shot, when the crowd is seen from the ledge viewpoint, Ethel and Victor are missing.


Continuity mistake: When Corie decides to meet Paul at the bus stop, she clings to his right side, but from the front view she's now clinging to his left side.


Continuity mistake: When the telephone man comes to install the phone, his workbox is under his left arm then suddenly it's under his right arm.


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