The Railway Children

Other mistake: In the last scene where the children are walking away from the house after their father has gone in, in the background on the right hand side of the screen, a tree falls.

Other mistake: We see the old gentleman travelling this route several times during the course of the film. However he is always going the same direction! Does he teleport the return leg? We know this is a two way line as trains are seen going the other way, including the train father returns on.

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Suggested correction: You say that the Railway Children only see "The Old Gentleman"/William Mervyn on a train going one way, but never on a return journey. Although, in both this film, and the original book, we are never wholly certain what he does (or did) for a living, or why he might be travelling on the train, it is implied that he is a person of some wealth and importance, who is respected by important people in London. Maybe he has important business to attend to in London, or elsewhere, that keeps him occupied until late in the day. Therefore he may return home by the last train, which may not come along the railway line until evening, or even at nighttime, by which time the Railway Children would be safe at home, possibly even asleep in bed.

Revealing mistake: When the 3 children are waiting for their mother, the rain is pouring down. Yet, when they are gathered around the Russian guy on the floor, their clothes are dry.

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Phyllis Waterbury: Apple pie for breakfast - we can't be poor after all.

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