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Continuity mistake: When Jeanine looks at Tris' tattoo, there is hair covering the top of her ear. A few shots later, the hair covering her ear is suddenly behind her ear with only a strand of hair left over it. Then the hair is suddenly back to covering her ear as Jeanine goes to leave.


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Audio problem: As Beatrice and Caleb are walking through the streets, Caleb asks Beatrice "What if she'd been blind or an amputee? Would you have helped her then?" and Beatrice replies "I was thinking about helping her." Neither their lips nor jaws ever move during both these lines.


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Continuity mistake: On the roof, when Eric first introduces himself, the reverse angle shows his hands to be at his side. Then when the camera cuts to being in front of Eric, his hands are now slightly raised, and being held together.


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Continuity mistake: In the last train scene with Tris and Four the tattoo seems gone from Four's neck. In some scenes, his tattoo was higher up on the neck.

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Continuity mistake: When the initiatives start playing the war games, Tris and Four take cover behind a shipping container. Four is first shown with his head in front of the container, but by the next shot as he says "Go" to Tris, his head is suddenly behind the container. This has nothing to do with the camera angles.


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Continuity mistake: When Tris jumps into the net, in one shot her skirt is down, in the next it is up, showing gray shorts.


Continuity mistake: When Tris wakes up after her fight with Peter, there is a gash shown below her eyebrow and a black eye below one of her eyes. A couple of scenes later, after the war games scene, as they are at the market, the gash below her eyebrow and black eye have vanished.

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Continuity mistake: When Tris is nearing the end of the zip line and she notices the other Dauntless initiatives already in the alleyway, there are only a couple of them on the ground from the POV shot of Tris. In a shot of the initiatives telling her to pull the brake, there's suddenly almost a dozen initiatives on the ground.


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Continuity mistake: Mind-controlled Four grabs Tris by the neck and pushes her against a stone column. First, Tris is pushed against the edge of the column, then she's being pushed against the middle of the column, then the edge and a few shots later, back to the middle of the column.


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Revealing mistake: When Four injects Tris with the serum before taking the test for the first time, it is very apparent the syringe is not injected into Tris' neck. The tip of the syringe is merely just touching the skin of Tris' neck and the syringe is shown moving around her neck.


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Continuity mistake: When Beatrice and Christina jump from the train to the roof, the overview shot shows Beatrice to be in front of Christina, then the low down angle shows Christina to be in front of Beatrice, then they both land on the roof at the exact same moment.


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Continuity mistake: When the initiatives are congratulating Tris for standing up to Eric, the opponent she was fighting earlier says "Hey, Tris. That was cool" and Tris replies "Thanks." In the next shot, Tris turns around to Christina and turns even further to the right, but by the next shot she's suddenly back to looking at Christina.


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Continuity mistake: When Four is throwing the knives at Tris, one of the knifes is thrown right next to Tris' head and her ear is grazed, leaving a cut and some blood around her ear. As soon as all the other initiatives leave the area and Tris goes over to Four, the cut is still there, but the blood has vanished.


Continuity mistake: When Beatrice sees her brother helping the older woman, her brother Caleb asks "Beatrice, do you wanna get the other bags?" Along his shoulder is a visible strap from the bag he is holding. As he starts the line, the bag strap is shown to be vertically down his shoulder, then by the next shot, the bag strap is suddenly positioned slightly to the left.


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Continuity mistake: When Beatrice cuts her hand, one shot shows her making a fist, only half clenched. Next shot, her fist is completely clenched.


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Continuity mistake: When Tris and Four kiss, Tris is shown putting her hand around the back of Four's neck. Next shot, her hand is suddenly on the right side of his neck.


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Continuity mistake: When Tris is first thrown down the zip line, her hair is behind her head, then when the camera is in front of her, her hair is suddenly over her shoulder, then back to being behind her head.


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Revealing mistake: At the end of the first fighting session, after Tris' opponent has Tris on the ground, Eric gives Tris the signal to get up and the opponent punches her one last time. It is noticeable that the final punch does not hit Tris, but she still reacts anyway.


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Continuity mistake: When Beatrice meets up with her brother Caleb helping out the older lady, Caleb asks Beatrice if she wants to get the other bags. Caleb is first shown to be directly facing Beatrice. Next shot, he's suddenly turned almost 90° to the right with his head now turned in order to face Beatrice.


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Continuity mistake: When Al and the two masked people are attacking Tris, Four appears, throws Al off Tris and he hits the wall. As Al hits the wall, it appears to have nothing lit on it, then from a side angle, green lighting has suddenly appeared. This has nothing to do with the camera angle.


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