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Corrected entry: When Beatrice goes to jump from the roof to the net, she climbs onto the roof ledge and the wind is shown blowing against her dress backwards. Next shot, the dress is suddenly being blown by the wind forwards.


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Correction: The wind is blowing all around her, you can tell because of the way her hair is blown in different directions. When her dress is blown backwards, before the cut, you can see the dress start to drop down indicating the wind isn't blowing in that direction anymore. At the beginning of the next shot her dress is still down as before, then the wind starts to move the dress forward.


Corrected entry: When Beatrice walks into the test room to meet Tori, her lips are normal pink colour, then when she wakes up after taking the test, her lips are suddenly a darker pink colour, then as she leaves the room her lips go back to being normal pink again.

00:07:40 - 00:10:55

Casual Person

Correction: The color of her lips never changes, the lighting changes drastically though once she's in the room.


Corrected entry: When Eric first introduces himself to the Dauntless initiates, there is a guy to the right of Eric leaning against the brick wall. In the next shot, the leaning guy has suddenly moved closer to Eric.


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Correction: He hasn't really moved closer. You can tell from the section of the roof, he's on the 5th section away from Eric and when the camera cuts to being on the roof, you can tell he's still the 5th section away from Eric.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Four and Tris climb the ladder on the ferris wheel, the ladder breaks, and Tris nearly falls, but in the next shot as the camera pans backwards, the ladder looks intact,

Darrin Bennett

Correction: After the rung breaks, the ladder is always missing the rung. When the camera pans backwards, you can see the gap in the ladder around Four's knees (where Tris' foot was before re-climbing).


Corrected entry: When Peter says "Yeah, Stiff, take it off," his lips don't move, he just smiles.

Correction: You don't need to move your lips to speak this phrase. It is quite possible to hold a smile in place while giving this line.

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