Raging Bull

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Jake fights in Cleveland, in one shot right before he punches you can see his opponent's mouthpiece is taped to his head so it will fall off making it look like it came out of his mouth. In the next shot he has his mouthpiece back in his mouth.

Joe Campbell

Continuity mistake: In the first scene with De Niro's first wife as Pesci arrives, he is improvising as he argues with her and he says "you call those carrots" and she says "you ate them didn't you". He replies "I got no choice". But he had flipped over the table in the prior scene as she was serving the carrots so he never even tasted them.

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Jake La Motta: Look at that. Look how they make me look. Like a bum, like a mammalucco.
Joey LaMotta: A what?
Jake La Motta: Like the mammalucco of the year.

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Chosen answer: No. But Jake's paranoia and possessiveness had consumed him to such a degree that he was convinced that he (Joey) had, based on Vickie's impulsive remarks.

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