The "unknown" guys who threaten the plane are Tom Bowen and Zack White. At the very beginning of the movie, Bill is talking to a man at the airport. The man is smoking. That man is Tom, and later on, it turns out he is one of the hijackers. The other hijacker is Zack, who is sitting in the row behind Bill. He was originally supposed to sit next to Bill, but Jen traded seats with him. Thus, it was less obvious that Zack was a hijacker. As expected, the plane lands safely, happy ending.

Shray Chauhan

Continuity mistake: Just after the captain's death, a close-up on Bill's watch shows its date as '11 07'. At all other times, it says '1 18'.


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Bill: I'm not hijacking this plane... I'm trying to save it.


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Question: Before leaving the plane, the doctor smirks, and after leaving he furtively looks back. He's supposedly an innocent, so why does he do this?

Answer: At no point is he shown smirking before leaving the plane. In the two shots he appears in before he is shown exiting, the first he is wearing an oxygen mask, and the second shows him straight-faced and helping someone to the front. The reason he looks back after going down the slide could simply just be to see who is coming behind him, or he could be examining the damage to the plane.


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