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The Quest (1996)

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Corrected entry: In the tournament fight scene where Van Damme and the Korean fighter face off in the semi-finals, the Korean fighter is announced as being from China, however in the first round the Korean fighter defeats the Chinese fighter. So they made a mistake by announcing the Korean fighter as being form China.

Correction: Van Damme never faces the Korean fighter. In the first round the announced Chinese fighter (brown pants) defeats the announced Korean fighter (white pants). The Chinese fighter then fights Van Damme. There is no error.

Corrected entry: A blimp being lighter than air could not lift anything of substantial weight, so I'd have trouble believing it could lift a dragon that was so hyped up as being too heavy to move.

Correction: The Hindenburg was rated to lift 112 tons.

Other mistake: When Van Damme is in the hold of the ship the ship is under attack. Between the fight scene we can clearly see Van Damme standing on the right of the screen and watching. In the next shot he is coming out from the hold of the ship.

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Riggi: Hey, clown boy! Get off my street.
Christopher Dubois: Wait a minute.
Riggi: Hey, Dubois, what are you sick in the head or something? Please, grow up, go get yourself some new and nice clothes and come to work for me.
Christopher Dubois: I don't work for nobody.
Riggi: It's too bad, Dubois, it's too bad, you're a wasted talent, but nuts case, you know that. Suit yourself.

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