Lone Survivor

Trivia: The real Marcus Luttrell appears several times throughout the movie: he spills the coffee and tells the new guy to clean it up; he's in the operation briefing and shakes his head at the rules of engagement being read; and he's on board the Chinook helicopter when it is shot down.

Trivia: In the opening scenes showing the SEALS waking up, many photos stuck on walls of the SEAL's living quarters are shown. These photos contain some, if not all, real photos of the men killed on the mission. When the montage of the real-life men appears at the end of the film, you will recognise some familiar faces from the beginning of the film. Also, when Axelson is chatting with his wife Cindy (in the same 'waking up' sequence) on his laptop, the photo of Cindy on the right-hand-side of his laptop seems to be the real-life Cindy Axelson (if it isn't, then it's an actress who bears a very striking resemblance to her).

Trivia: Marcus Luttrell named his dog DASY in memory of his team that was killed (Dietz, Axe, Southern Boy [Luttrell], and Yankee [Murphy]). DASY was shot and killed on April 1, 2009 by four men who approached Luttrell's yard. As the four men fled in their vehicle, Luttrell gave chase in his car until police intervened. Luttrell refused the 911 dispatcher's instruction to stop chasing the men.

Trivia: In the scene where the new SEAL Petty Officer Shane Patton has to go wake up Lieutenant Commander Erik Kristensen by knocking on the door of the Commander's bedroom, the film shows a shot of Eric Bana wearing Birkenstock sandals as he walks out into the corridor. The real Commander Erik Kristensen was a fan of Birkenstocks, and was buried in them when he died on the mission.

Trivia: Luttrell suffered a total of 11 "through-and-throughs," meaning shots that entered and exited his body. This is not including the multiple shots that hit his body armour, or that he was shot in the back the following day.

Trivia: This is the true story of the failed U.S. Operation: Red Wings in Afghanistan on June 27, 2005, and is based on the book of the same name written by the real lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell, who worked as an advisor on the movie.

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