Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor (2013)

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Corrected entry: The men are seen wearing Underarmour in the movie that is set in 2005 but Underarmour did not supply or sell clothing outside of the NFL until 2007.

Correction: Members of the military were wearing under armor at that time. I left Afghanistan the day this happened. Many members of my unit had worn under armor at least 1 year before this event.

Corrected entry: In the scene aboard the evacuation helicopter, Mark Wahlberg is given a non-rebreather mask. The deflated plastic bag attached to the mask should have been inflated with O2, it was not. The bag is supposed to be inflated otherwise the patient is just breathing their own CO2.


Correction: That's not true. I was a combat medic for almost 6 years and was deployed to Afghanistan with a light infantry battalion and I know oxygen still flows if the bag is not inflated. To inflate the bag you must cover the valve where the O2 comes in. We asked in training if the patient would suffocate if we forgot to inflate the bag, and the reply was, "no, in most emergencies there is no time to inflate the bag. " If the O2 to the mask is blocked it would send the extra pressure to the bag. The air pressure is obviously making it to the mask because it has to go somewhere.

Corrected entry: The SEALs in this movie are equipped with M9 pistols. SEALs in real life use Sig Sauer P226s, not Beretta M9s.

Correction: A lot of the Special Operations community have multiple choices of sidearms. It's the team's choice.



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Matt 'Axe' Axelson: Are Mikey and Danny really dead?
Marcus Luttrell: I don't know.
Matt 'Axe' Axelson: Are we dead?
Marcus Luttrell: Not yet.
Matt 'Axe' Axelson: We're good right?
Marcus Luttrell: Fuck yeah. We're solid.



In the scene where Marcus is removing the shrapnel from his leg, when he gets to the last and largest piece, he places the medallion from his necklace in his mouth to bite down on. As the scene transitions from the leg to his face as it is removed, he appears to no longer have the medallion in his mouth. Then once the shrapnel is removed, he collapses and still has the medallion in his mouth.



The real Marcus Luttrell appears several times throughout the movie: he spills the coffee and tells the new guy to clean it up; he's in the operation briefing and shakes his head at the rules of engagement being read; and he's on board the Chinook helicopter when it is shot down.