The Prophecy

Corrected entry: In the scene where Thomas Daggett is looking at the ancient copy of the Bible pulled off of the dead angel, he mentions the "23rd chapter of Revelations." Coming from a similar religious education background as this character, I can promise you that it would have been repeatedly driven into his head that this book is never supposed to be referred to in the plural. It is only a single revelation.

Correction: That's true, it is "The Revelation of St. John." However, most people on the street refer to it as "The Book of Revelations" or more simply "Revelations." Doggett was speaking to a lay detective, not a fellow religious scholar and he most likely didn't want to further confuse the issue by making his intent more obscure.

Corrected entry: When Gabriel goes to kill Simon in the school house, Gabriel leaves a dead and charred Simon flat on his back, arms out. When the police are there afterwards, the steaming remains of Simon show him clearly on his side in something of a curled position.

Correction: The human body, alive or dead, curls when it is burned because of a shinkage caused in the tendons.