The Experiment
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Nix: Expert in the penitentiary system, are you boy?
Travis: I just watch a lot of Discovery Channel.

Barris: We are strangers in a strange time.

Chase: I only have three rules: eat twat, smoke pot, and smile a lot.

Archaleta: Justice is what keeps us safe as a society. Ordered law.
Travis: Justice is what starts wars. And eye for and eye for an eye. It takes a turning of the cheek for this species to evolve.
Archaleta: Ah, so you're the one who knows what it's going to take for this society to evolve.
Travis: I'm just regurgitating what people have been saying for a long time.

Nix: Still think we're higher on the evolutionary chain than monkeys?
Travis: Yeah, 'cause we can still do something about it.

Continuity mistake: When Travis is attacked by Barris at the end of the experiment, he "catches" the knife and his hand is seriously injured, becoming covered in blood. However, when the red light begins to go off and Travis raises his hands to his head, both of them are clean and uninjured. (01:25:25 - 01:26:45)

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Question: What is the title of the black-and-white movie that Michael Barris was watching at his home before he takes part in the experiment?


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