The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Trivia: In the beginning of the scene in the Master of Laketown's house, Alfrid tries to empty a chamberpot through the open window. During this, the window half closes, so much of the contents of the chamberpot splash on the inside of the window and windowsill. In the extras of the Extended edition it is told that this happened during the first take, and the scene was reshot many times. Nevertheless, the first take ended up in the final cut. (01:11:35)

Lammen Gorthaur

Trivia: Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas Greenleaf, is two years older than Lee Pace, who plays his father Thranduil.

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Suggested correction: This can hardly be considered trivia since that's the point of casting. Legolas is also thousands of years old, despite looking to be in his mid 30's. Thranduil is also several thousand years older than his son but still looks to be in his 30's.


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