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Corrected entry: Very often you can see the boom mike coming in from the top of the screen. Edited out of the video.

Correction: If it's visible in the theater but not in the video or DVD, then it's a projectionist mistake, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: If there in fact never was a quiet and submissive "Aaron," only an aggressive and angry "Roy," then how was he sexually abused for so long? It's hard to believe that someone as clever and forceful as Roy would allow himself to be humiliated like that, over and over.


Correction: First of all we don't know when exactly "Roy" changed into that very aggressive person we came to see in the movie. He met the bishop when he was younger, and might have been a very differently behaved person then. People do change as they get older! Also he didn't only want to kill his abuser, he wanted to get out of the entire story alive and without spending years and years in jail, so he needed a good plan and usually good plans need a good timing and thus there was a reason to wait.

Corrected entry: There's a scene near the beginning where Richard Gere goes to the jailhouse to talk to the accused. You see him get out of his car and walk directly to the jailhouse door, he doesn't talk to the reporters at all, but a few minutes later there's a shot of him watching a TV set, with a newscast of him walking from his car to the jail house, talking to the reporters as he goes.

Correction: If you listen carefully during the scene where Richard Gere walks into the jail, you can here him say how he is not able to comment on the case yet.

Other mistake: There's a scene set outside at night but none of the cars in the street have their headlights on.

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Suggested correction: The scene is not at night, merely under a bridge. They chase the person they are following out into daylight.

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Trivia: In the book, Aaron does not have a stutter - the stutter was introduced for the film because when Edward Norton auditioned for the part, he did the lines with a stutter and it won him the part.

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Question: At the end of the movie, it's discovered that "Aaron" was actually faking a split personality. What would have been the legal ramifications if Martin were to tell his superiors the truth?

Answer: Nothing if he is telling superiors within the law practice he is associated with. Outside it, he would be legally bound by attorney/client privilege. He could be disbarred if he ever shared that information.

raywest Premium member

I'm sorry. I forgot to add to the question of what would have happened if he had chosen to ignore attorney/client privilege. If he discarded attorney/client privilege, would there have been any legal actions against him and Roy?

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