Question: Could Hawkins have become a commando (or even a marine) in real life, considering he wore glasses which would have limited him during any battle?

Gavin Jackson

Chosen answer: As long as your uncorrected vision is at least 20/400 (-6.0 diopters), you can qualify for most forms of military service except flying.


Answer: Yes, you can have corrected vision using glasses or contacts to be in a special operations unit. Although you can't be color blind.

Question: After Dutch defeats the alien and decides not to smash his face with the rock he asked the alien "what the hell are you." Can anybody make out with the alien is trying to say, because in previous scenes we can hear what the alien is saying in English?


Answer: The predator says the same thing Arnold said "What the hell are you."

Chosen answer: The predator wasn't speaking in English, it was mocking Dutch by playing recordings of his now-dead team. When Dutch says "What the hell are you?", the predator plays back that question, although it sounds distorted as its systems are damaged.

Sierra1 Premium member

It said "What the hell are you?" in a very distorted voice. When the Predator got his ass whooped by small inferior Arnold lol... he was clearing thinking the same thing Arnold was. Like "wtf is going on?!" Thus committing honorable suicide. Attempting to take out Arnold as well.

Question: When Dillon and Dutch see each other again in the opening scene, Dillion asks Dutch why he passed on Libya, something doesn't look right. Is almost looks to me like he is saying something different?


Answer: Dutch answered, "We're commandos, not assassins."

Thank you for your response. However I was referring to Dillon. He said "You got no style..." It looks like he is saying something else.

I know what you are talking about. When Dillon replies "you got no style Dutch, you know that" It looks edited, but I think he just had a difficulty with saying his line, making it look fake. It's not dubbed or altered in any way.


Answer: And then he says "Come on Dutch, why'd you pass?"

Chosen answer: Check out This site confirms that the same minigun is used in both movies, and is (or was) on display at the Allegheny Arms and Armor Museum in Smethport, Pennsylvania.

J I Cohen

Question: There is a scene in the movie where Billy chops a vine with a machete and sucks on it. What kind of vine was that?

Answer: I can't tell you the specific type of vine it was, but some vines contain water safe enough for drinking. This is a commonly known survival tactic.

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Question: If the Predator challenged Dutch to a fair hand-to-hand fight, why didn't the Predator dispose of his wrist-blades? It seems slightly unfair, seeing as Dutch at that point has no weapons on him. And it's not as if the Predator isn't proficient fighting barehanded, seeing as he disposed of his weaponry before fighting Dutch.

Answer: The Predator removed his laser and combat weaponry. No gadgets or gizmos, the blades are the most original and primitive weapons a warrior can use.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the end when Arnie crawls into the booby trapped gully you can see the Predator behind him with the knives on his right arm already extended. The camera then switches to a shot of the Predator extending the knives to finish Arnie off.

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Poncho: Get that stinking shit out of my face!
Blaine: Bunch of slack jawed-f*****s around here! This stuff will make you a god damn sexual Tyrannosaurus! Just like me.
Poncho: Strap this on your sore ass, Blaine!

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Trivia: Jesse Ventura could only carry enough blank ammunition to fire "Old Painless" for five seconds even though the props department had dramatically reduced the cyclic rate of the weapon to allow the camera to film the barrels rotating.

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