Ready Player One

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New this month Corrected entry: Chapter two says "The schools strictly enforced dress code required that all student avatars be human, and of the same gender and age as the student." However, Aech does not follow this rule (will not specify due to spoilers) with no punishment.

New this month Correction: It is explained in the book that Aech's mother falsified documents when enrolling Aech into the school system.

Corrected entry: In chapter 28 Michael Wilson comes in to take out 'Bryce'. On page 270 about the middle of the page his I.D. starts with a 4 not a 6. All IOI employees ID's start with a 6 in front, not a 4.

Correction: Only the oology division employee numbers start with 6. Other IOI divisions start with different numbers.



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In Chapter 19, Wade describes the small efficiency apartment he has moved into, which used to be an average hotel room. He says at one point that the room "was basically a cube, about ten meters long on each side." A ten-meter cube is actually a really big room - that's over 32 feet on each side, including ceiling height. Then, just to confirm that this is indeed a mistake, later in the same chapter he refers to "my tiny one-room apartment."