The Green Mile

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Continuity mistake: At the start of Part 6, the men let Percy out of the closet. They take the tape off his mouth and he starts to rub his lips, then lowers his hand to speak. Problem is he's still in the straight-jacket at this point.


Continuity mistake: On page 421, King writes "thanks to John Coffey, she was well and fine and the man who had signed John's death warrant could leave and go home to her." Hal Moore didn't sign the DOE for Coffey, Curtis did.

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Suggested correction: That's more a turn of words than a mistake. Holcombe also states later that the DOE had to go through Moores as well to be officially approved. Even if he did not formally sign the document in the end, he sent it on to Curtis and Holcombe nonetheless.


Factual error: Part 5, chapter 7. As the guards arrive at Moore's house, he comes out with a long-barrelled revolver, a Buntline Special. In 1932, none of these actually existed - there is a myth that Ned Buntline made 8 guns with such long barrels, but there is no proof they were actually made. Even if the myth should be true in the context of the book, it also states that 7 of the 8 recipients sawed off the barrels to regular length. Colt did eventually make "Buntline Specials", but not until the 1950s.


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