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Corrected entry: In the first segment of the book, it is stated that Ralph White died in February of 1963, and that seven months later, Carrie was born. Later in the book Carrie's mother thinks back to the time she had first seen Carrie use her telekinesis in her crib, and that she had wanted to kill Carrie, but Ralph had stopped her.


Correction: Mrs White is clearly mad - she could have been hallucinating and imagined her husband present or simply the thought of him stopped her.

Corrected entry: Carrie goes to Westover to buy material for her end-of-season dance gown. But later, when Frieda asks her where she has bought her gown Carrie says that she has made it herself and that she has bought the material for it in Andover.

Correction: Carrie never says anything about Andover. She tells Frieda that she got the material from Westover.

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