The Mammoth Hunters

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Corrected entry: When Deegie asks Ayla how to say "I love you" in Clan language, Ayla tells her that the Clan do not say it out loud. Instead they show their love by doing someone favours, etc. Yet in "The Clan of the Cave Bear" Ayla frequently says "I love you", mainly to Creb.

Correction: As Ayla explains to Deegie during that same conversation, there are ways for a child and a parent to tell each other that they love one another ("You fill my heart with joy" and so on), but there isn't a way for a man and a woman to say that they love each other or that they are in love. Ayla loved Creb like a father, so she used the child-parent-expressions for love when she talked to him, but Deegie asked if there was a way to tell her future husband that she loved him, which there isn't.


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