With Sex and the City 2 about to hit cinemas, what better time than to take a look at the 10 biggest movie mistakes from the first movie?

In the scene where Big and Carrie meet in their cars after Big fled the wedding you can see down the street in the distance a huge amount of SATC fans have gathered to watch the filming.

When Carrie is feeling depressed in Mexico and is being fed food in bed by Samantha, there is a tea pot on the tray on the bed. The scene changes back and forth between Samantha and Carrie and each time it changes, the style of the tea pot completely changes. When it's a shot of Samantha, it's a regular tea pot with a lid, and when it's a shot of Carrie, it changes to an art deco style pot with no lid whatsoever.

When Carrie announces her engagement, Charlotte screams then jumps up from her chair and a white cloth napkin suddenly appears in Charlotte's left hand, only to disappear and reappear.

During Carrie's personal assistant interview with the Asian man, in the shot facing Carrie her papers and coffee cup are centered on the table in front of her, but as the camera pans down to the man's pink high heels the items are at the corner of the table.

At the Italian restaurant, when Miranda explains that she has a brief to work on at home, Magda lifts her glass of water with her left hand, but in the shot facing her she holds it in her right hand, then it's back in her left hand again.

Carrie hits Big with her bouquet and when he falls back onto the car seat and says, "Carrie, I'm sorry!" the moving boom and mic reflection is visible on the black surface, over the doorway.

When Louise calls Carrie from the bridal salon, her little sister is visible in the mirror's reflection as she holds Louise's Louis Vuitton bag on her lap. In the reflection the back of the Louis Vuitton bag faces out, but in the sister's close-up the bag's distinctive front faces out, then in the next shot it's the back again.

When Charlotte places the three Post-It notes on the doorway, their positions keep changing back and forth in the following shots.

In the scene where Carrie and Big are in bed (Carrie is reading the Love Letters) the library card Carrie uses as a bookmark keeps changing position. She opens the book and holds the card behind the book cover, then when you see a close-up of the text you can see the card is being held inside the book. Then it's back behind the book cover.

Early in the movie when Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are having lunch and Carrie is about to tell them that she and Mr.Big have decided to get married - Miranda's fork moves from one hand to another between shots whenever the camera angle changes.

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