Best movie deliberate mistakes of 2020

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Wonder Woman 1984 picture

Deliberate mistake: Steve is not superhuman, but he could see and almost (Diana whips it out of the way first) dodge a bullet at the beginning of the car chase. (01:21:55)

Sammo Premium member

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The Invisible Man picture

Deliberate mistake: The suit, rather than using many large cameras, should be created with many imperceptibly small cameras in between monitors. We need monitors to see what is on the other side of the suit, not camera lenses.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife picture

Deliberate mistake: When the kids are about to jump start the trap Phoebe hides behind the school bus door. Half a second later, when the trap opens, she's nowhere to be seen, not even jumping or stepping inside the bus. Then half a second later she has managed to get inside, turn around and protect her head while the bus windows burst. It all happens in real time for their hairs are still fluttering. It sure paces up the scene, but it's really awkward.

Sacha Premium member

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The Old Guard picture

Deliberate mistake: When the tower is looking around with the binoculars, the picture shows night vision. The binoculars were regular. (00:10:30)

Movie Medic

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Unhinged picture

Deliberate mistake: The "flow" from Fred (Rachel's brother) urinating while strapped to a chair was not what would be expected. His pants would absorb the urine, so urine would not flow to the floor like from a faucet or large streams drip straight down and form a puddle beneath him. (00:57:06)


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Soul picture Soul mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: In the Spanish release, the name of the family store is written in Spanish, but inside the place it's in English everywhere. This is a very common mistake in foreign kids' films released in Spain.

Sacha Premium member

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Promising Young Woman picture

Deliberate mistake: A shot of the pile of ashes from the fire wherein Cassie's body was essentially cremated showed Nina's half of the broken heart necklace sticking out ABOVE the ashes, which would be impossible. Also, a metal charm on a chain that was around Cassie's neck would not survive the huge fire or be totally clean and unscathed.


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The Toll picture

Deliberate mistake: The images of Spencer's face in the driver's side mirror are not realistic for someone in the driver's seat. The driver's side mirror is angled outward (perhaps 60° beyond a typical angle), but his face is perfectly reflected. When Spencer starts smoking, the viewer gets a glimpse of a figure behind his car. Spencer senses something and his face is shown backwards in the mirror, as if he were crouching outside a few feet from his car. Spencer does not use the more practical rearview mirror. (00:19:11 - 00:19:47)


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Vanguard picture

Deliberate mistake: Zhang crushed and smeared several long red-hot peppers (cayenne?) in his hands to use as a makeshift weapon against thugs when rescuing Mei Mei. After Zhang smeared and pushed peppers into one thug's eyes, it is unlikely he would have been able to retain as much of the crushed peppers in his palms as he did. Also, holding the peppers in one or both of his palms would have interfered with grasping the second thug and redirecting his gun (without sliding off). (00:08:00 - 00:08:50)


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