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Alita: Battle Angel picture

Alita: I do not stand by in the presence of evil.

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A Rainy Day in New York picture

Terry: Time flies.
Gatsby Welles: Yes, unfortunately, it flies coach.
Terry: What's that supposed to mean?
Gatsby Welles: It's not always a comfortable trip.

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Aladdin picture

Genie: I made you look like a prince on the outside, but I didn't change anything on the inside. Prince Ali got you to the door, but Aladdin has to open it.

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Yesterday picture

Jack Malik: It's times like this I wish I hadn't given up smoking. I could murder a cigarette.
Rocky: Yeah. What's a cigarette?

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The Knight Before Christmas picture

Sir Cole: I have traveled here, and it matters not if I understand how.
Brooke: But you know time travel isn't a real thing, right? In the 1300s or now in 2019.
Sir Cole: Well, by that logic, only things that you comprehend are possible.

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Queen & Slim picture

Queen: Pictures aren't just about vanity, they're proof of your existence.

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Someone Great picture

Paul: You've been blessed with a broken heart. When it doesn't hurt anymore that's when it's really over. Live in this as long as you can.

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Marriage Story picture

Nora Fanshaw: Where do you want to live now, doll?
Nicole: Well, I'm here now, obviously. I don't know if the show will get picked up. It feels like home. It is home. It's the only home I've ever known without Charlie.
Nora Fanshaw: You want to stay here?
Nicole: Charlie's not going to want that. He hates LA.
Nora Fanshaw: We're interested in what you want to do. What you're doing is an act of hope. You understand that?
Nicole: Yeah.

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Lady and the Tramp picture

Tramp: Every day could be an adventure.

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Oh, Ramona! picture

Andrei: I think I just made the biggest mistake of my life.

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Radioactive picture

Marie Curie: The things that make us weak are the things that make us strong.
Pierre Curie: I didn't make you weak.
Marie Curie: Of course you did. But couldn't have done what we did without each other.

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Long Shot picture

Fred Flarsky: I'm a racist. You're a Republican. I don't know what is wrong with me.

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Our Friend picture

Dane Faucheux: I thought you were writing about Nicole.
Matt Teague: So did I.

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Official Secrets picture

GCHQ Woman: Someone in this building has betrayed their country. If you are found to have withheld information, you will be charged with a breach of the Official Secrets Act.

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Murder Mystery picture

Nick Spitz: You're an actress, right?
Grace Ballard: All women are actresses, dear. I'm just clever enough to get paid for it.

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Five Feet Apart picture

Will: Do you wanna hear my list?
Stella: No.
Will: Painting class with Bob Ross.
Will: He's dead, yeah.

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The Art of Racing in the Rain picture

Denny: You've been a good friend. Very good friend.
Enzo: The best of friends.

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Let It Snow picture

Dorrie: Have you ever been with someone, and you stay up until like 4AM just talking about everything, and you're just like, I can't believe I get to exist at the same time as you?
Keon: No, but like I'm really happy for you?

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