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Yesterday picture

Continuity mistake: During the interview, while sitting, his striped pants are unzipped for a few cuts, then they are zipped in later shots.

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Alita: Battle Angel picture Alita: Battle Angel mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Alita is playing the street version of motor ball she knocks over Tanji. In the next shot Tanji is following her in the pack as she scores, then the shot switches back to him on the ground.

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Let It Snow picture

Revealing mistake: When Julie is talking to Stuart about her future, snow is falling in front of her. We can also see the wind is blowing, as it moves her hair. The snow, obviously CGI, is still falling straight down, and doesn't interact when the wind blows.

manthabeat Premium member

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Holiday In The Wild picture

Other mistake: The ex-husband makes out a check for $108,000 at the start of 2020 when Kate returns from Africa after Christmas, but it is dated 3/18/2019. (01:12:06)


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Long Shot picture

Continuity mistake: In Sweden Charlotte leaves the dinner and exits outside to argue with Fred. There's a wide shot of them where wind is blowing and moves her fringe, messing her hair completely. In the close-up her hair is perfectly brushed.

Sacha Premium member

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Radioactive picture

Factual error: Eve Curie is shown as having been born before the Curies are nominated for the Nobel Prize in physics, which they eventually won in 1903. However, Even Curie wasn't born until December 6th, 1904.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Marriage Story picture Marriage Story mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the first scene at Grandma's house, she wakes Nicole and Henry up early, and tells him to go make mom some coffee. Between shots there are different continuity errors; at first the sheet is rumpled, then the blanket is covering it entirely, then when Grandma leans in and kisses him you can notice Scarlett's right arm first on her chest then behind her back, and Azhy Robertson's chest is uncovered in the second shot when he was still under the blanket up to his neck earlier. (00:15:40)

Sammo Premium member

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Marjaavaan picture

Revealing mistake: Mazhar is saved by Raghu who with his amazing strength pulls the chains tied to the tankers and breaks free. The chains supposedly pulled by the powerful trucks though are not in tension. (00:08:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Murder Mystery picture

Continuity mistake: After the first murder, the position of the fountain pen on the clipboard with the will keeps changing between shots (sometimes it's entirely on top of it, some other times part of it is off). (00:32:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Queen & Slim picture

Character mistake: Queen is an attorney and should know how to conduct herself as a passenger in a car pulled over by police, yet she fails to behave in an acceptable way. Even though certain things may be permissible under certain circumstances, a lawyer should know exceptions and extenuating circumstances, but she apparently does not. She did not have the right to interfere with a police officer and "demand to know" or get out her cell phone to record if she was told to keep her hands where he could see them. (00:10:25)


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A Rainy Day in New York picture

Continuity mistake: When Gatsby and Chan are talking in the taxi, her hair appears to be tucked behind her ear when the camera is on her left but it isn't when the camera is on the right. Every time the camera changes, the difference in her hair can be seen. (00:33:51)


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Five Feet Apart picture

Continuity mistake: During Stella and Will's walk, Will's scarf was consistently wrapped one time around his neck, but the length of his scarf on either side varied. The right side was usually much longer than the left side, but the ends were about even other times. When Will was lying in the snow, the scarf ends were almost equal (reaching about half-way down his coat); when he stood up, the ends were far apart. After he fell in the snow, Will got up and adjusted the scarf ends to be about the same in length. (01:25:35 - 01:29:30)


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Can You Keep a Secret? picture Can You Keep a Secret? mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Emma is with the clients at the beginning of the movie, Doug's ginger pen once he mentions 'rebranding' is either in his hand or on the notepad, depending on the angle of the shot. (00:04:10)

Sammo Premium member

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Holiday Rush picture

Factual error: The protagonist wakes up supposedly at 5 AM of December 2nd in New York City. Outside, the sun is shining, almost two hours too early. (00:00:15)

Sammo Premium member

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What Men Want picture

Visible crew/equipment: Ali's assistant sits in her office as she goes to apologise to him. But in the reflection of his glasses you can see the green screen which I suppose is meant be the windows of the office. (01:32:00)

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The Knight Before Christmas picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, the two knights are walking across the courtyard to get on their horses. When they mention the falcons' names, a young lady wearing an orange striped cape curtsies before them in passing. A couple seconds later during the close-up of girls ogling them from distance, the same lady passes in the foreground, coming from the opposite direction and in a totally different spot. (00:00:55)

Sammo Premium member

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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish picture

Continuity mistake: The evil stepsisters shove Kat at the feet of Dominic with latte splattered all over her face. But the mess looks different in the various shots. For instance, in the close-up when he asks her if she's okay and if she hurt herself there's a big splotch by the corner of her mouth, which was not there earlier (she was dirty under the nose at most) and is gone in the next shot. (00:04:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Our Friend picture

Other mistake: Nicole was standing up holding a round cake with both hands and was able to tilt the cake down about 45° to show others the top without the cake sliding off the plate - or any icing shifting.


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Judy picture

Other mistake: Judy is singing on stage with some showgirls. She is singing into a wired microphone. At the end of the song she twirls around twice, but the microphone does not appear to get wrapped around her. (00:49:35)


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