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Other mistake: Andy and his friends are watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2" in one scene. However, the scenes they watch are completely out of order compared to the actual film.

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Suggested correction: Actually this is simply a movie convention. When kids watch films onscreen, they deliberately only show the best bits of the film as oppose to just playing the film normally. Otherwise it would look dull and pointless.

Gavin Jackson
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Other mistake: While in the pool room, Zoey falls off the wall onto a portion of floor that hasn't collapsed yet and loses consciousness. This area is next to the section of floor that collapsed first. Jason jumps down to help Zoey. As he is helping her up, and onto the wall, that section of floor collapses, forcing him to grab the wall to avoid falling 20-ish stories with the floor. As he looks down drop, the section of floor that fell first is amazingly back intact. (00:59:20)

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Other mistake: When Margaux is thumbing the message to the population to turn them against the Addams, the keys she hits do not match the text. (01:03:00)

Sammo Premium member
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Us (2019)

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Other mistake: Katie cuts herself with a pair of scissors but when the girl hits her there's no mark there.

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Other mistake: The movie is said to be set one year after receiving Annabelle, but the music box from The Conjuring is on the shelf. Judy in The Conjuring is an 8, possibly 9 year old whereas in this film she celebrates her 10th birthday. If Annabelle Comes Home" is only 1 year after obtaining the doll (2 years prior to The Conjuring timeline) then Judy would not be turning 10 years old; she essentially lost a few years of life rather than vice versa.

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Other mistake: The type of gas pump Danny used when gassing up the car requires the lever be moved from the on to off position before the hose can be placed back into the pump. It is already in the off position before he finishes.

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Other mistake: When Dani is on her phone after trying to contact her parents, the phone is shown on the Recents page listing the most recent calls she has made. The most recent call listed is Home, where she just called and left a message. Then it is followed by Terri, then Mom, then Christian, then Dad. Each of the calls are shown to have been made 1 minute ago. The message she left after calling the house phone lasted about 45 seconds. Then after the call, she looked back at her email for a few moments before going back to her phone. No way could four additional calls have been made all within the span of one minute and still leave a message on the house phone. (00:03:15)

Casual Person
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