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Character mistake: Lucas says he loves "Ascension, rules, and anti-drug campaigns", so would not be likely to encourage Max to go to Soren's party after his father grounded him... or ask what his father would do about it (double-ground him?). Even though Lucas tells Max that he has "grown a lot" in the two hours after getting home and talking to his parents about all that happened that day (which they didn't believe), we aren't told in what way(s) he has grown - but it would not be favoring violation of rules. Also, Lucas later tells Hannah and Lily at Soren's house that he loves "Ascension, rules, anti-drug campaigns, and grilled cheese." This indicates that his view on rules has not changed, reinforcing the assertion that it was out of character for Lucas to encourage Max to go Soren's party while grounded.


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Character mistake: Scene where they push the truck out of the mud; right after they drive away in the background you can see that the other side is flat grass. They never had to do all that.

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Character mistake: Two EMTs took Alec in a stretcher to the ambulance, apparently without first attending to his gunshot wound, inserting an IV, giving him oxygen, or doing anything else that a first responder would do for an injured person. (01:27:48 - 01:30:18)


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Character mistake: When they're making the protection circle they make a star of David and not a pentagram, 6 points in a star vs 5 points.

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Suggested correction: I don't think there was anything in the movie that dictated a pentagram had to be used. In the book of protection rituals they were using, the particular ritual showed a picture of the star of David they needed to create, so that's what they used (plus salt).


To add to the correction, what the mistake refers to as "Star of David" is a hexagram and the use of hexagrams in the occult are not uncommon. You can find salt protection circles that use the hexagram.


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Character mistake: Nicolas Cage says "first battalion, tenth Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina gunslingers signing out". It was the second Battalion 10th Marines that was called gunslingers, not the first.

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Character mistake: A guidance counselor/principal told Calvin, "You're a very very smart young man. Perhaps even gifted. Last year you scored in the top ten percentile on the PSAT..." Because Calvin deliberately "blew" the SAT, the school official was going to make arrangements for Calvin to retake it. But this would not be necessary. The PSAT score (out of 1520) is considered equal to the SAT score (1600). The school official would be more helpful by getting Calvin admitted to college using the PSAT score. (00:08:35)


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Character mistake: Hero asked Judge Straight what should happen to him for killing Ron. The judge replied, "Well, then you should be arrested, incarcerated, indicted, and tried." "Incarceration" is used to refer to long-term confinement of offenders who have been convicted and sentenced. Instead of incarcerated, a judge should know that if a defendant is denied bail (typical for capital crime cases), he would be DETAINED in a jail or detention center while awaiting trial. (00:31:20)


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