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Overlord picture

Factual error: There were no black paratroopers on D-Day or in the 101st, nor were white and black soldiers serving in the same unit.

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The Meg picture

Factual error: Lori takes a screwdriver to the left hand side of her abdomen. The doctor says it just missed her liver and she has lost a lot of blood. The liver is on the right side of the body and nowhere near where she took the injury.

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A Quiet Place picture

Factual error: Grain engulfment is not depicted in a scientific manner. It is not possible for engulfment to happen without a valve being opened at the base - which has not been shown in the movie when the boy falls in the grain storage. It is very unlikely that two engulfments will happen so close by in the same storage - if so, they will converge quickly. But, the movie shows both victims help each other one by one. They succeed in 5-10 seconds. Engulfment become entrapment in less than 20 seconds and require more than thrice the body weight to pull some one out (unlike one kid being able to pull other one out while both are on the grain). Finally, they both sit on the door and avoid entrapment.

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Suggested correction: It's possible for grain to look sturdy but not be underneath so the engulfment could have possible. But you're right about them not being able to pull each other out.

Well observed. It's a factual error.

I jumped into grain hundreds of times. It is not possible without the grain moving underneath.

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Hereditary picture

Factual error: Spoiler: In the scene toward the end of the movie when the dad is burned alive, his skin is completely black but his clothes are still on and intact, just blackened. With fire hot enough to completely blacken the skin, it would have burnt the clothes completely off (or at most they would have been shredded rags). (01:51:25)


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Venom picture

Factual error: When Venom is standing on top of a tall building, he falls off as a jet airliner passes over head with its loud engines hurting the Symbiote with its noise. The airliner passes very close to the building. But this would not happen as it is as FAA regulations are that an aircraft can not operate within 500 feet of any structure. And an airfield/airport would be positioned so that jets would not violate this decree on their landing descent.

Quantom X Premium member

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Mandy picture

Factual error: Spoiler! The cultists burned Mandy alive by wrapping a sleeping bag around her, putting gas on her and hanging her from a metal swing set and setting her on fire. After Red frees himself later and craws up to her remains, it's shown that she is barely a pile of ash with her skull still somewhat in shape when he picks it up. It then crumbles into just ash showing she had been fully burnt to the very center. This would not have been the case with how they burned her. Their was nowhere near enough heat or kindling to keep her body burning long enough to turn completely to ash with no remains like that. She would have died, yes, but would have mostly stayed intact as a single body burnt very bad. Bones, features, charred organs would still have been left behind. (01:04:00)

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Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell picture

Factual error: At the beginning 'researchers' are working on the 60th parallel in the province of nunavut. Nunavut is not a province; it is a Canadian territory. They appear to be working in the winter. At the 60th parallel, the winter would be almost dark and the sun would never be that high in the sky. Given that sun, it would be summer. In the summer, you would not have that snow cover.


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The Dark picture

Factual error: The police officer that shows up does two stupid things in a row that real police would never do. When investigating a kidnapping, he calls in what the car was they were looking for. Which he sees. Instead of calling for back up, or even mentioning to dispatch that he found a car that looks like it, after coming from a murder scene at a gas station and following a map left behind to this spot, he approaches the car alone, without calling for back up, or drawing his weapon. Shortly thereafter, he finds the kidnapped boy inside the car, who tells him the man who took him is in the house. The officer then proceeds to go into the house alone to look for a dangerous kidnapper without waiting for backup, even mentioning to the kid that his partner is on the way. (00:32:00 - 00:33:35)

Quantom X Premium member

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Daphne & Velma picture

Factual error: The gazette clipping at the beginning of the movie where Velma wrote her disdain for Carol is dated Thursday, March 25. Neither year when the story could be taking place based on other hints had March 25 happen on a Thursday. (00:03:50)

Sammo Premium member

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The First Purge picture

Factual error: You can't detonate C-4, or any plastic explosive, by shooting at it. It's made to only be detonated by a smaller explosion (a detonator). (01:27:05)


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