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Creed II picture

Character mistake: The commentator says "avalanche of power shots by Ivan Drago." Viktor is the one in the ring. Ivan is the father. If you have the subtitles turned on, it even says Viktor in the subtitles instead of the spoken name, Ivan. (00:55:45)

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Fifty Shades Freed picture

Character mistake: When Anastasia has to make out the 5 million dollar check to "cash" to get the money to release Mia, she signs the check with her old last name, "Anastasia Steele" instead of "Anastasia Grey", which is written on the top left corner of the check.

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Suggested correction: A key point in the movie is how Christian is upset that she didn't take his name in her work life, so it wouldn't be unreasonable that she signed the check using her maiden name (it also could have been just as easily a force of habit thing, it does take time to get used to using the correct name!).


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Dumplin' picture

Character mistake: Dumplin' is looking through her aunt's belongings, and finds an old application form for the Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant. The application has an August 1993 signature but marks Lucy's DOB as 5/5/79 with a stated age of 16: it does not add up, as she'd have been 14 instead. Granted, it's an application she never actually turned in and not an official document, but this does not justify the mistake in the context of the movie (not to mention that had she just been too young to participate, the point of the movie would be moot).

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Den of Thieves picture Video

Character mistake: When Big Nick and his team are first discussing the theft of the armored truck early in the film, Nick is eating and turns to one of his partners and asks for him to give him the "Pepto", or pepto bismol. You can see in this shot the bottle of pepto bismol is already sitting on the desk next to the guy, but then the guy opens the drawer and mimes the movements acting like he's pulling it out and setting the bottle on the desk. (00:23:25)

Quantom X Premium member

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211 (2018)

211 picture

Character mistake: Mike and Steve try to get Kenny out of their squad car while under fire. The driver side of the car is fully protected as it's the passenger side that the merc is shooting at. Mike tries to open the back door on the driver side but says it's stuff and asks Steve to get Kenny out on his side... where the merc is shooting. Kenny crawls to the front of the car, they open up the passenger door and Steve pulls him out. Mike then asks if they can get Kenny around to his side. Only while he's asking this you can see the front door on Mike's side is wide open. Kenny could easily have just gotten out that way and out of the line of fire. He even crawled to the front seats but got out on Steve's side instead of the open door on Mike's side where it was safe. (00:46:30)

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Replicas picture

Character mistake: Immediately after the crash, when Reeves is carrying his youngest child Sophie, the actress opens up her mouth, even though she has already drowned. (00:14:43)

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Never Look Away picture

Character mistake: The tour guide inside the "Degenerate art" exhibition ridicules the 'child-like' paintings of the likes of Mondrian and Kandinsky. In particular he stands in front of Kandinsky "Upward." The German name of the work is "Empor", but the tag says "Empore." (00:03:40)

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The Clovehitch Killer picture

Character mistake: Despite it being the writer's creative imagination to have 16-year-old son Tyler kill his serial killer father, Don Burnside, Tyler was reared in what can be considered a highly religious Christian family. Due to his religious, family - and community - oriented upbringing, Tyler undoubtedly was well aware of the Ten Commandments, so suddenly violating at least three (i.e, "Thou shalt not kill", "Honor thy father" and "Though shalt not lie") is too far-fetched. Trusting Kassi also wasn't rational.


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Suggested correction: This is in no way a mistake. This is you thinking a character should act differently. Plus, the rifle Tyler had hadn't been loaded, and he only killed his father after his father attempted to shoot him with the unloaded rifle. Plus, your mistake suggests Don would never have committed any crimes in the first place.


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Three Identical Strangers picture

Character mistake: According to David, the triplets were "adopted by a blue-collar family, a middle-class family, and a more affluent family." There are different ways to measure social class, but there are similarities. Bobby's more affluent family (father M.D.; mother attorney) would be "upper-middle." "Eddy's father was a teacher. Middle-class" would be "lower-middle." "My family had a little store...more blue-collar" would be lower - or upper-middle depending on income. All three families were middle class. (00:20:30)


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Suggested correction: Nothing in your entry indicates a mistake. "More affluent" doesn't mean upper-middle class. And a teacher wouldn't necessarily be lower-middle class. Not to mention the fact that according to your own words, you said all three families were middle class and then ended the mistake with all three families were middle class. (Upper-middle and lower-middle are still middle class).


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